10 Effective Qualities Employers Looking For! (Powerful)

The majority of the people seeking jobs have the desire that they could somehow get to know the secret formula that can be used to win the hearts as well as the minds of the employers. They wonder as to what can be a unique combination of values and skills that will create an impression on the employers.

These skills are possessed by most of the people applying for jobs to a certain extent and those who are weak in these areas can undergo mentoring, coaching, professional development, and training to overcome the weaknesses.

The qualities that the employers want from the job candidates are discussed below.

#1 – Communication Skills

The one skill that is required by every employer is the ability of the job-seeker to speak, write and listen in an effective way. Successful communication is a crucial aspect of any job. The person needs to be a good listener as well as a good communicator who has the capacity to effectively convey the information in writing and also verbally.

2 –Analytical / Research Skills

These skills are concerned primarily with the ability of the person to carry out an assessment of the situation, look for a number of perspectives, wherever necessary collect information and identify the main issues which have to be addressed. The job-seeker should possess a high level of analytical thinking and also demonstrate a talent for the identification.

#3 – Computer / Technical Literacy Skills

The majority of the jobs nowadays require the candidates to possess some basic understanding with respect to the software and hardware of the computer, particularly email, spreadsheets, and word processing.

#4 –Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are also called “people skills”. These are the skills that are used for interacting as well as engaging with people. The ability of the candidate to relate to his or her co-workers.

#5 –Managing Multiple Priorities / Adaptability / Flexibility

The candidate applying for employment need to have the ability to manage a number of tasks and assignments, adapt to the change in the conditions at work, set priorities and work on different assignments. This means that the job-seeker has to be a team player who is flexible.

#6 – Leadership Skills

The willingness along with the desire of accepting responsibility to achieve outcomes is leadership. It is concerned with the ability to take charge, volunteering for assignments as well as accepting accountability so that the results that are required from those assignments can be achieved. The main sign of a leader is that such a person does not give any excuses. 

#7 –Positive Attitude / Resilience / Motivation / Passion / Energy

Attitude is very valuable even though it may not be everything. Employers usually look for employees who are positive and remain positive even in circumstances that are challenging as well as stressful. They wish to hire those applicants who have are flexible and have a “can-do” attitude, who are dedicated and willing to make extra contributions to getting the job done. 

#8 – Team Oriented

While recruiting candidates, it is very essential that you hire people who “buy into the system”. Such types of people can work in an effective manner in circumstances where the cooperation of others is needed. These people are able to fit in a clear way within the confines of the corporate culture of the organization.

#9 –Self Confidence

If a candidate does not believe in himself or herself even after having a unique mix of abilities, education, and skills, it is difficult for a prospective employer to believe in him. The candidate applying for the job has to be confident about himself or herself and about the benefits that he or she can offer to their employers.

#10 –Competence

Competence is extremely essential for success ad lays the foundation of everything that is related to your career. It is related to the ability of the person to get the work done. It is also the person’s ability to set priorities and separating the tasks that are relevant from the ones that are irrelevant and then put in single-minded concentration until the work is completed.

Even though the employers, as well as the HR personnel and recruiters, do not require a person to have 100% of all the traits present in the job-seekers while carrying out the staffing function, the closer you are to the perfect score, the higher will be your chances of receiving an offer for the job.


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